Tutors in Milton provide several options including in home tutors, tutoring in centres as well as help for specific subjects such as math tutors, french tutors or English tutors. The list below includes details on Milton to help parents find the right support for their child. If you are looking for other Back To School resources (like dance classes in Milton), click here.

G2GmEN57Beyond the Classroom 

Beyond the Classroom Milton is thrilled to be able to offer children and families in-home, one-on-one, customized tutoring!  Beyond the Classroom understands that every child is capable of learning, so their goal for every child in Milton is to foster a love of learning and offer a fun and positive learning experience.

Academy For English And Mathematics

Their aim is not to provide short sighted band aid solutions for kids: they want to empower them to thrive independently. Their tutoring methodology is designed to impart true understanding and mastery of concepts so your child has the skills to tackle any problem s/he might encounter. Memorization has its place, but the Academy feels it is better to have a 100% understanding of concepts.Located at 1155 Maple Avenue in Milton.

Milton Learna

The Learna Method is flexible and benefits children at all skill levels, they provid quality supplementary education following the school currisince then we haveculum for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8, helping them upgrade their comprehension of Math and Language with the help of Qualified Tutors

Milton Tutoring Centre

Offering individualized Language Programs, individualized Mathematics Programs and Homework Help for Grades 1-11. Early readers program offered for ages 3-6 years.

Oxford Learning Milton

Offering a cognitive approach to learning, where the focus is on helping children learn how to learn.

Scholars Education Centre

Based on the centre’s assessment results, each student receives an individualized program based on their level of understanding in each subject.

Viva Learn Milton

Helping students from Kindergarten to Grade 10 improve essential skills, perform better in school and gain more confidence.


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