Splash Pads in Milton

splash-pad-460x250Water FUN for the kids! Milton’s Splash Pads, now called spray pads by The Town, officially open May 21st, 2016, just in time for some of the season’s hottest weather! The splash pads then stay open until September 5th, 2016! Bring your kids to one of Milton’s numerous spray pads this summer for wet and refreshing fun! Can you think of a better way to spend free time with the kids on a hot, sunny day?

Operating hours of all spray pads are 9:00 am – 9:00 pm daily.


There are 14 locations and they are as follows:

Beaty Neighbourhood Park – 670 Bennett Blvd.

Bristol District Park – 920 Kennedy Circle

Bronte Meadows Park – 165 Laurier Ave.

Clarke Neighbourhood Park – South – 1170 Laurier Ave.

Coates Neighbourhood Park – North – 776 Philbrook Dr.

Dempsey Neighbourhood Park – 187 Dixon Rd.

Kinsmen Park – 196 Wilson Dr.

Laurier Park – 765 Laurier Ave.

Lions Sports Park – 99 Thompson Rd.

Milton Community Park – 805 Santa Maria Blvd.

Optimist Park – 881 Savoline Blvd.

Rotary Park – 100 Garden Lane

Scott Neighbourhood Park East – 143 Scott Blvd.images9XIIYLP5

Sunny Mount Park – 255 Ruhl Drive

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