Spikes Volleyball on the Rise in Milton

Volleyball is considered to be one of the best sports for kids. Among the benefits of volleyball sport for kids are physical activity, entertainment, engagement and, of course, a lot of fun. The game of volleyball has brought together a lot of children around the world. The sport is especially popular among kids in Milton, Ontario. It’s worth noting that the nationally acclaimed Pakmen Milton Volleyball Club offers Spikes at E.C. Drury School in Milton. In this blog, we are going to provide the detailed information about SPIKES volleyball programs available in Milton and highlight their most important competitive advantages.


What Is SPIKES Volleyball Program?

SPIKES volleyball program is designed for boys and girls who are between 6 and 16 years old. SPIKES volleyball program is all about helping kids take the first steps in the sport of volleyball. So, if your child is interested in trying new sport or likes to play volleyball game then this program is definitely worth considering.

Children, who take advantage of SPIKES volleyball program, usually like it. The program gives kids a good chance to become the member of a school volleyball team and professional player in the future. Keep in mind that your child doesn’t need to have previous volleyball experience to join the program. SPIKES volleyball program is open for kids of all skill levels.

The program offers the perfect way of learning volleyball skills that mixes professionalism and creativity. The program has been developed by highly experienced coaches who are dedicated to what they are doing. Teachers have created non-competitive and supportive environment, so your kids will definitely find it comfortable to learn volleyball skills.

SPIKES volleyball program lasts between 8 and 10 weeks. Every participant of the program gets a gift, a Spikes t-shirt. There is no doubt that SPIKES volleyball program will help your child get started with the sport of volleyball successfully.

As it has been mentioned above, the program’s coaches are real professionals who are the best in what they do. Coaches have huge experience in teaching the basics of volleyball and will do everything that they can to help kids achieve excellent sport results.

Different Types of SPIKES Volleyball Programs

It’s worth noting that E.C. Drury School in Milton offers two types of SPIKES volleyball program to young players. These are SPIKES On the Road Program as well as SPIKES House League Program. Now, we will talk about these two volleyball training programs and outline the differences between them.

SPIKES On the Road program is designed for children of elementary and secondary schools. The program’s mission is to promote the development of volleyball in the schools and community groups of the province. The volleyball training is provided by OVA-trained SPIKES clinicians. SPIKES On the Road program offers both half day as well as full day volleyball lessons. This program is focused on motor skill development exercises, pre-skill activities, physical education classes as well as modi­fied games.

SPIKES House League Program is organized by OVA Clubs and community groups. The goal of the program is to help young athletes excel in the sport of volleyball. The program has been developed by professionals who have huge experience in teaching kids volleyball skills. That’s why the program perfectly mixes learning volleyball skills and fun activities.

It’s important to note that SPIKES House League Program offers endless opportunities to children who take an interest in the sport of volleyball. This program is the right choice for beginners and experienced volleyball players.

Highly professional and friendly coaches are always happy to help young players learn the basics of volleyball and develop their skills successfully. Children, who join SPIKES House League Program, participate in various volleyball competitions and get valuable experience. The program allows kids to find new friends as well.

Benefits of SPIKES Volleyball Program

It’s important to point out that SPIKES volleyball program delivers multiple important benefits to its participants. Now, we want to draw your attention to the most important competitive advantages of the program.

One of the most important benefits of SPIKES volleyball program is that it allows young players to learn the basics of volleyball and develop the game’s skills successfully. Coaches will teach kids volleyball skills that they need to have for the successful game. These include the following: basics of team play, hitting skills, passing skills as well as serving skills.

It’s no surprise that the sport of volleyball is all about movement. So, your kids will manage to develop the necessary motor skills. The program encourages physical activity. That means that your kids will have to move a lot during volleyball spikes sessions. Moreover, the program helps its participants develop the habits which are required to become a successful volleyball player.

Another important benefit of SPIKES volleyball program is that it is universal. Therefore, the program is suitable for kids of different abilities and skill levels.

SPIKES volleyball program is also focused on teaching young volleyball players communication and good sportsmanship. That means that the program teaches its participants how to respect each other and helps them develop leadership skills.

What is great about SPIKES volleyball program is that it has top notch coaches. It’s good to know that SPIKES volleyball programs offered by E.C. Drury School have brought together the best volleyball coaches from Milton. Each of coaches is passionate about teaching volleyball and has huge training experience. Young players, who participate in SPIKES volleyball program, get high quality volleyball training and valuable experience that help them demonstrate excellent sport results in the future.

The Development of Volleyball in the Town of Milton


It’s widely known that Milton is the fastest growing community in Ontario. The town offers great opportunities to its residents, guests as well as investors. Many people know Milton due to its highly skilled and educated workers. The town also has the youngest community in Ontario. Milton is the perfect location for making business. The town has the lowest business property tax rates. The town of Milton is well-known due to its convenient location, transportation and the world’s most significant logistics corridors. Milton is the town with growing and diversified economy. It’s worth noting that the town constantly demonstrates economic growth and attracts investors from all over the world. It’s interesting to live in Milton. The town provides its residents with many cultural, lifestyle and social choices.

It’s worth pointing out that the town of Milton doesn’t need introduction in the world of sport. Milton’s athletes are well-known all over the world due to demonstrating excellent sport results. Now, some of Milton’s athletes are actively preparing for the upcoming RIO 2016 Summer Olympic Games. So, they will represent Canada on the Olympic competitions very soon. There are a lot of sport clubs and recreational activities available in the area of Milton. The town of Milton hosts different sport events every year.

Volleyball is one the most popular sports in the town of Milton. There are many great volleyball clubs in the area which make a great contribution to the development of volleyball sport in Canada. It’s interesting to know that programs which are offered in volleyball gyms of Milton attract players from different areas including Aurora, Barrie, Niagara Falls, London, Scarborough and many others.

Obviously, the sport of volleyball actively develops in Milton. The town offers a lot of high quality volleyball programs for boys and girls of all skill levels. Without a doubt, the town of Milton is a great place for those individuals, who choose to live an active lifestyle and can’t imagine their life without the sport of volleyball.


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