SupperWorks – Helping Busy People Eat Well!

supperworks-logoSince 2005, SupperWorks has been helping busy people to make meals in a fraction of the time that it would take at home. This is because they offer hands-on, in-store sessions where all of your desired, top quality, fresh ingredients are already purchased for you to use. Just book a session and head over to the SupperWorks kitchen, prepare your meals in their state of the art kitchen, and take them home. You can prepare meals just for one day, or you can prepare plenty of meals that you can put in your freezer and save for another day. After that, all you need to do at home is pop the meal in the oven or cook it on the stove!

In the SupperWorks Kitchen, you don’t even have to worry about dirty dishes or spills – the staff will clean up for you! Furthermore, while preparing meals you can chat with friends and enjoy a beverage. It will take about an hour to make six recipes, each of which serve approximately 4 – 6 people. SupperWorks also has a regularly-updated healthy menu, so you will always know what to make! In addition to this service, SupperWorks also offers pick-up and delivery options.

To learn more about the services at SupperWorks, watch this video or visit the Supperworks Site

This contest is now closed – SupperWorks 3-Entree Starter Package (each entree serves 4-6 people, value $120)

Congratulations to Vladana Urosevic the winner of our Supper Works Contest!

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