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It is a conviction of that online privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of the Internet as a service, commercial, and entertainment medium.

In registering for certain services offered by, you may be asked to provide such personal information as your name, e-mail address, postal/zip code, or preferences about your likes and dislikes.

This information allows us to enrich our resource-oriented site by:

  • Creating a more personal experience
  • Enhancing our ability to connect to to our users
  • Making it easier-to-use

Unless you otherwise indicate, your personal details will be kept confidential. Should we receive a request by a third party (or any other organization) for your information i.e. email address, occupation, city lived in, etc., that data shall be released only after receiving your expressed permission to do so.

Periodically, may introduce new products and services to its readers. Should any additions affect the privacy policy in any way, the policy shall be updated immediately and accordingly. Likewise, all readers and/or subscribers will be alerted of specific changes via a notice posted on the appropriate home page.

What data is collected and in what way is it used?
Information gathered online is generally categorized as either anonymous or personally identifiable.

Anonymous information is that which cannot be traced back to a specific person or email address. For example, knows the quantity of searches that are done each day but lacks the ability to track the names, e-mail addresses or gender of those doing the searches.

Personally identifiable information is information users willingly provide. It tells us specific facts about our readers which enables us to more closely align our content with their preferences. This info can include your name, address, postal code, age, etc.

We appreciate your trust in us. Your information allows us to lend a more personal touch to our site; insights shared are readily reciprocated by Milton Kids and our readers.

Why do you collect information at all?
Your time is valuable. We wish to maximize the value our site delivers to you and maintain as high a level of reader satisfaction as is possible. To ensure that our site achieves these goals, we collect data that enables us to create and deliver topical content, maintain an easy-to-use navigation system, select appropriate advertising, etc.

Gathering and Use of Personally Identifiable Information occasionally sponsors sweepstakes, contests, or other events that require the collection, processing, and storage of individual contact and demographic data. At times, may co-sponsor these events with other companies.

In this case, a reader’s contact and demographic information may be shared with participating sponsors.

To maintain the privacy of registrant information, we will arrange terms and conditions safeguarding our readers’ data with the chosen co-sponsor(s).

When desired, readers will be given the opportunity to receive information from third-party organizations in connection with services or events offered by This option may be made available through our site registration and/or through the registration process maintained by a participating third party.

In all cases, you will be informed before you register that a third party will be receiving your registration information and, subsequently, you will have the option not to participate in any service or event that requires third party involvement.

What kind of data is shared with others?
When information is presented to our clients, it is in the form of grouped statistics compiled from our reader-oriented surveys.

What is data correction / removal policy?
It is the reader’s responsibility to keep us up-to-date with their personal information.

To whom do I direct any other questions?

Contact Us via our Online Form


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