Milton Farmers’ Market 2016

Mississauga Farmer's Market

It is that time of year…fresh fruits and vegetables are sprouting to be ready for the Milton Farmers’ Market! There are numerous economic, environmental and health benefits to eating foods that are locally grown, organic and sustainable. Farmers’ Markets provide the most FRESH FOOD which is DELICIOUS and a visit to the market is FUN for kids. Milton Kids has organized a helpful list for you below to make shopping local easy for you!

Fresh, seasonal, local, and often organic food at a great price is irresistible. Consumers know that this type of product is expensive elsewhere, but at the market the price is always right and the quality is unbeatable. In addition to fresh produce, these are also a great places to find seedlings, herbs, breads, homemade condiments and even flowers!
Taking your Milton Kids to the Farmers’ Market can be an educational experience. Lessons in counting the stacks of fruit and vegetables or counting money are a possibility. The little ones will love the colours and shapes. The vendors are always excited to tell their story and describe their products. They are always friendly so encourage your little ones to ask questions. This fosters social skills and confidence. It’s also FUN. Most often farmers will let you sample their goods. Everyone loves sampling a favourites like strawberries or blueberries. It’s even fun to try new things! There will also be local musicians and artisans. Make sure you have a camera ready as your Milton Kids enjoy the Milton Famers’ Market!

Shopping at farmers’ markets also contributes to a greener environment! As you and the kids enjoy fresh, local produce at a great price, you also lower your carbon footprint. There are benefits all around to your family, your community and our planet!

Milton Farmers’ Market for 2016

Nestled in the foot of the scenic Niagara Escarpment, the Milton Farmers’ Market has been bringing farm-fresh goodness and old-fashioned hospitality to Main Street, in downtown Milton, since 1972. Farmers proudly display “picked fresh this morning” produce and the streets come alive with artisans and flower vendors. The Milton Chamber of Commerce operates the weekly Saturday morning event from May through October and is one of Ontario’s best outdoor Farmers’ Markets. The 2015 Market will host over 40 vendors on Main Street. Located between James Street and Martin Street.

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