Have fun while staying active throughout the year!

The Burlington Synchro Club offers numerous recreational and competitive swimming programs that will keep you busy in the pool!

homeheader2Who doesn’t enjoy swimming? It is the perfect way to stay active! Swimming keeps your heart rate up and particularly synchronized swimming can work nearly all of the muscles in your body, all while the impact stress that you receive from other forms of exercise is minimalized.  Athletes from swimming, dance, gymnastics and cheerleading backgrounds have joined the club’s recreational and competitive teams to combine the fun & skills they enjoy into one sport!

Most people reserve swimming for the summer months, however, largely because they do not have access to a pool throughout the rest of the year, or they do not want to go to a crowded indoor community pool. Lucky for you, the Burlington Synchro Club offers a variety of privately instructed synchronized swimming classes throughout the year! These classes keep all registrants active in the pool while they have fun! It’s the perfect way to stay fit all year!

Overview of the Burlington Synchro Club

The Burlington Synchronized Swimming Club is Halton & Hamilton’s Synchro Club with kids joining us from Milton, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. The club offers numerous competitive and recreational programs and summer camps. Their overall goal is to inspire athletes of all ages and abilities to achieve their full potential as synchronized swimmers and whole individuals.

If you want to have fun or get serious about synchronized swimming, this club is the place to go! Through the Burlington Synchro Club’s competitive programs, numerous awards and medals have been won over the years. The Club has even trained individuals that ended up participating in several notable national and international competitions, including the Olympics.

Moreover, the Burlington Synchro Club’s recreational swimming programs are the perfect place to go for a bit more relaxed fun in the pool.

Recreational ProgramsBSSC___Content

Recreational programs are available for ages 3+, through to adults. Swimmers are taught synchronized swimming skills following Synchro Canada’s ability-based system. They will learn the necessary skills to achieve swim synchro levels and badges, synchro star levels, and will be awarded star pins upon completion. Instruction occurs in a team environment. Teams can consist of up to 8 swimmers. Experienced groups will learn choreographed routines set to music for presentation at watershows and novice competitions.

Take a look at the programs offered, with brief descriptions of each:

  • AquaSquirts is a play-based, water orientation program that helps develop swimming skills for children 3-6 years of age.
  • Beginner is a program that runs in 3 quarterly (Fall, Winter, Spring) sessions for girls new to synchro age 7+ who have achieved Red Cross Swim Kids Level 5.
  • Adult Synchro is a program that runs in 3 quarterly (Fall, Winter, Spring) sessions for women aged 16 and older who are new to synchro or have limited experience.
  • Masters Recreational is a full year program that runs from September to June for women with previous Synchro experience who are looking to have fun and stay fit. Classes run for 90 minutes once a week.
  • Advanced is for swimmers with at least one year synchro experience. Swimmers will be challenged to develop new, more difficult skills and progress through the Trillium Synchro program.
  • Novice Synchro (previously known as Pre-Competitive) is for swimmers interested in learning more about synchro as a competitive sport who are between the ages of 7 and 12.
  • Teen Synchro is for teen swimmers interested in learning more about synchro as a competitive sport and are between the ages of 13 and 17.

Competitive Programs

Athletes who join the Burlington Synchro Club’s competitive programs develop strength, flexibility, grace, stamina, confidence, and pride in the club and in synchronized swimming. The club aims to develop champions for life, as has been demonstrated by the many awards won by the club’s athletes over the years.

BSSC offers competitive programs at the provincial, national, and masters’ levels which are based on Synchro Ontario’s age based system and Synchro Canada’s ability based system.

With swimmers in 10 & under, 11/12, 13-15, 16-18 and masters (18+) age categories, BSSC provides programming to meet the needs of all athletes.  Teams and extra routines (solo/duet/combo) are offered to swimmers in eligible levels.


The Burlington Synchro Club operates out of pools in Aldershot, Tansley Woods, Centennial and McMaster University.

To learn more about the Burlington Synchro Club, their pricing, and their addresses, visit their website.

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