Fall Volleyball Programs For Kids In Milton

Volleyball programs for kids in Milton are offered by the nationally acclaimed Pakmen Volleyball Club.  Pakmen offers volleyball programs for children from 6 to 18 years old through leagues, developmental programs and private lessons.

12_09_Pakmen_logosIf your child is interested in learning how to play volleyball, Pakmen’s Spikes program is a one hour learn to play volleyball program for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 13 years of age. Focused on providing a supportive and non-competitive environment, Pakmen coaches know how to teach the basics while making sure participants have fun! Spikes sessions are high energy with lots of activity and movement.   This program is the best choice for children looking to try a new sport. No previous experience is required! The program is between eight to ten weeks long and everyone plays equally. Every participant will receive a Spikes t-shirt. The Spikes programs are taught by Pakmen coaches. Participants will learn the basics of volleyball and develop the right habits to excel in the sport.

For those kids who are not new to the sport of volleyball, the Development League is a 10 week program for kids in grads 5 to 8 that teaches the fundamentals of volleyball through a mix of instruction, drills, and competition. Each participant will be placed on a team (every effort to place friends on the same team will be made). Sessions begin with a warm up then will transition to drills. Players will learn and practice serving, passing, and hitting, and will learn how to play defense within a team system. By the end of the program players will be more skilled individually and will be better team players.Each weekly session is 1.5 hours in length and includes 30 minutes of instruction and drills, with 60 minutes of game play. Participants will receive an official Pakmen Jersey T-shirt. The 10 week program will end with playoffs and a championship series on the last day.

For a real bump in their game, Pakmen is pleased to offer volleyball private lessons for kids conducted by our most senior rep coaches. Lessons are 1-on-1 and are an hour in length. You can bring a friend for no extra charge if you wish. Sessions begin with a warm up, and then transition to individual skills. The fundamentals of serving, passing, and volleying are practiced for 20 minutes with the coach providing constant feedback to the athlete. The appropriate techniques will be taught, and attention will be paid to the details. Participants can practice specific things that they would like to improve on or they can follow a practice plan designed by the coach.

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