No-Limits-Martial-ArtsSenseis Adam and Elyse Molnar opened No Limits Martial Arts in Oakville in 2011, and now the studio has expanded into Milton at 1535 Main Street East Building A. The siblings, along with younger brother Luke, began their Martial Arts training as children and grew a passion for the sport. “We wanted to keep doing it for the rest of our lives,” Adam explains. While his younger brother is still in school, Adam has completed his Bachelors of Education and his sister has her BA in Children’s Education and Development.
Most parents bring their kids hoping to improve focus, confidence and discipline. “Things don’t happen instantly,” Adam explains. “It takes more than instruction, it requires willingness from parents and students.” Adam recalls his confidence grew greatly and reflects how the children change as they progress through belt levels. “They’ll end up performing for hundreds of people,” he exclaims. While training, the open concept studio has a seating area for parents to watch the class. Adam says, “it makes a big impact on students to see the support.”
No Limits uses a reward system to encourage positive behaviour. “We have an achievement chart with patches and stars,” Adam explains. That means school work, attitude and behaviour inside and out of the studio impact their success in Martial Arts. This also helps to develop the child’s self-esteem, poise and respect for others. As students progress through the belt levels demands on performance change as well. “Behaviour is a huge aspect of what we expect here,” Adam emphasizes.
Students may begin training at age 4 and continue through their adult years. The student to teacher ratio is 5:1, which ensures children get individual attention. They work as a large class then break off into groups. As a team and individual sport, they work toward independent and common goals. Classes are 45 minutes and instructors mix things up each week, trying different moves and playing games like Karate relay.
Traditional Karate begins with basic patterns of punches, blocks, and kicks that help develop fine motor skills at a young age. As students progress they learn Kata routines, sparring and self-defence. These activities build balance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and confidence. They also offer Muay Thai Classes for students 12 and up, and a Weapons Programs where students learn to use various types of traditional karate weapons. They start with the bo, a wooden stick, and progress to the tongfa, kama, and sai. Their most unique program is “No Limits Extreme”, a mix of Martial Arts and acrobatics done at a quick pace to music. Adam explains “it’s the younger generation that teaches this because its only been around for the last ten years.” No Limits also has a competitive team that travels across North America to compete, you’ll see plenty of trophies in the studio.
Adam concludes that for children and adults, “it’s a great stress relief. To focus here you have to forget everything else.” Adding how the skills acquired make Martial Arts the perfect cross-over sport. “Many of our students do other activities and they’ll see improvement in both sports.”
With demand for a well rounded character, No Limits Martial Arts ensures children focus on their positive behaviour inside and out of training.

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